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Fun Chocolate Facts that will make you Feel Glad


Chocolates are a wonderful sweet treat that is equally loved by kids and elders. There is no reason for refusing chocolates that come in different flavors. Ardent chocolate lovers would like to know the fun facts about their favorite sweet treat. These are made from cocoa beans that are thoroughly roasted, cracked and winnowed, and then processed to make these sweet delights. These taste bitter and sweeter. It is a known fact that around 7 million metric tons of chocolate is consumed globally. It is the best treatment that can be had alone and shared with friends.


Few of the fun facts that make you feel glad about chocolates: 

Chocolate is money that grows on trees 

Cacao beans are used mostly as currency and are considered to be gold dust. However, to put a check to its currency rate, there is a restriction that is put on the trees. It is tempting for people to grow their own currency.


Chocolates are not sweet and solid 

Chocolates have been available in liquid form since 1847. The British chocolate company has introduced the concept of eating chocolates that are blended with sugar, cocoa butter, and chocolate liquor. The whole combination of all these three ingredients makes the chocolate look grainy compared to being smooth.


Eight years of time was taken to develop the recipe related to milk chocolate 

Daniel Peter who is a Swiss entrepreneur and chocolatier has spent over 8 years of time coming up with the recipe related to milk chocolate that works wonders. Until 1875, condensed milk was the one that was causing trouble in making milk chocolate. However, this guy never gave up on coming up with this recipe.

White Chocolate

Cacao beans have a long way to go 

There are around 400 cacao beans that are used for chocolate that is of a single pound. Every cacao tree will be able to produce around 30 to 60 pounds of cacao every year. Every pod will have around 40 beans. Each tree can produce around 2 to 3 pounds of chocolate in a year. The best thing about the cacao pods is that they are harvested by hand and this is the reason why chocolates are quite expensive.


White chocolate is not a chocolate 

White chocolate is never considered to be chocolate as it does not have any of the cacao solids or liquids. This sweet delight is blended with sugar, vanilla, and cocoa butter. However, this chocolate is still the hot favorite for many.


Chocolates will do some funny things to the human brain 

The smell produced by chocolates will stimulate brain waves that will help you to relax despite the stress. The study that was carried out by Hasselt University has proved that the scent produced by this chocolate will also be diffused in the bookstore. With this, the sale of romantic novels has risen. The relaxation that it offers is unbeatable. The best thing is that chocolates will have tryptophan which will produce serotonin in the brain, which makes you feel euphoric. When you eat a piece of chocolate, it makes you feel happier.


The chocolate treat that was given is considered to be a mistake 

The chocolate chip cookies are made by accident. These are the hot favorites of many. A woman whose name is Ruth Wakefield has accidentally added chunks of chocolate to the cookie batter which resulted in the formation of chips on top of cookies. This happened in 1938. She has come up with this recipe accidentally and this has gone to become a massive hit. The recipe was sold by this woman to Nestle so that she got chocolates in exchange. It was a great deal that was made by Ruth.


Chocolate promotes sound oral health 

The antibacterial properties that are present in chocolates will promote sound oral health. When you eat a pure form of cocoa it also keeps tooth decay at bay. However, many people have the question of why there is no chocolate-flavored toothpaste released into the market.


Chocolates are considered to be vegetables 

Chocolate is a sweet treat that is produced from cacao beans. These are grown in cacao trees that look like pod fruits. These are part of the Malvaceae family that will have both cotton and okra. Due to this many considered chocolates to be vegetables indirectly.


Chocolates are not for pet animals 

Chocolates and products that are made of cocoa are not for pets. These are highly dangerous for them to consume as it contains theobromine. Humans have the ability to metabolize this, but it takes a lot of time for pets to digest this component and this eventually results in toxicity in pets.


Know chocolate flavors that are available globally 

It is a known fact that there are around 200 flavors of chocolates available globally out of which 200 are made of wine.


Chocolate trees are immortal 

The chocolate trees are beautiful and will live up to 200 years. It has the capability to produce beans for over 25 years throughout its lifetime.